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Give your kitchen a 2017 makeover

Careful consideration of worktops and wall cladding materials are important if you want elegant looking as well as heat-resistant surfaces for your kitchen.

Written by Emma Thompson on Oct 4, 2017 6:49 AM. Last edited by Emma Thompson on Oct 4, 2017 6:53 AM.
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The kitchen is considered to be the heart and soul of any home, as it is the place where meals are prepared to re-energize body and gather of all the family members. However, with the increasing multifunctional requirements of the fast-paced lifestyle of today, your kitchen is required to be equipped with good quality stone worktops and wall claddings which possess sufficient toughness to withstand all the wear and tear due to their rugged uses. Simultaneously these are also required to be beautifully crafted in a manner to convey every owner’s unique style statement. 

Both these requirements are conveniently met through stone kitchen worktops and stone wall claddings, which come in multiple variants and among them a few prominent and most desired ones are as following:

• Dekton 


With new trend of colours, Dekton is a legendary natural stone that evokes natural beauty of marble which set it apart. Dekton surfaces are used in kitchen worktops due to their zero porosity, high resistance to heat, stains, scratches and even UV rays from the sun. 

• Neolith 


Neolith has fine quality physical and mechanical properties that are amply suitable for kitchen worktops, counters, cladding and large format flooring and facades and so on.

• Silestone Quartz


Quartz, a semi- precious stone is quite popular amongst buyers looking for elegance and sophistication.  Kitchen worktops, quartz worktops, vanity tops and other Silestone work surfaces are in a great demand due to their excellent craftsmanship and innovative designs.   

• Compac Quartz   


Compac quartz has great capacity for resistance and flexibility for applications like kitchen worktops, vanity tops, flooring (bathroom, kitchen or otherwise), wall cladding etc.

With their earthy and organic colour combinations, Compac Quartz surfaces bring tranquillity and relaxation to the space. 

  • Stone Wall Cladding


Engineered marble stone is composed of 100% industrialized properties that provide a stunning effect, smooth texture, increased performance and durability over an impressive background. Stone wall cladding solutions with marble help to build landscapes that retain their charm forever. Marble as kitchen worktops, floorings, walls, splash back can be used creatively to add a dash comfort and class for both outdoors and indoors.          

Important tips to maintain the durability and aesthetic beauty of stone kitchen worktops and wall claddings:     

Basic cleaning with a cloth, neutral detergent, sponge, Simple mild dishwasher liquid, or small amount of stone soap with warm water are enough to clean these precious stone surfaces. Use of acidic substances like vinegar, lemon, or any detergent is strictly prohibited if you want to retain their initial beauty and durability. 

Similarly, the use of scouring powders or any type of creams for this purpose is also equally harmful. Stone kitchen worktops and wall claddings do not require sealing, thereby, facilitating daily maintenance. They have practically zero porosity, which means that none of the liquids can penetrate the surface. 

Stone kitchen worktops and stone wall cladding may definitely transform the look, feel and appeal of your kitchen, provided they are chosen efficiently and maintained carefully. 

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