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Two Important Formalities of Dubai Free Zone Company

Setting a Dubai free zone company is a good idea but before you initiate it, just know about its two important aspects which are important to know.

Written by Offshore Company on Dec 7, 2017 12:15 PM.
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Today, every business owner is taking a huge interest in going for a UAE free zone company as it not only brightens up the chances of business expansion but also provides a healthy and cost-effective environment in letting the business to reach to new heights. The UAE has seven emirates and you have the liberty of forming a UAE free zone company in these seven emirates as all seven emirates provide active free zone facilities which you can easily avail even if you have low capital investments. Regardless of focussing on any specific business type, a UAE free zone company makes it possible for you to even explore new business ideas. Here in this blog, we will be focusing two very important aspects of a Dubai free zone company which will be beneficial if you are looking forward to setting up a company in Dubai free zone.

Free Zone License Type

The very first thing before you commence the activities of a Dubai free zone company is to figure out the license type that will be considered liable for your business activities. If you don’t know, then it’s time now to know that free zone provides several business licenses which are:-

Trading License

Industrial License

Service License

E-Commerce License

National Industrial License

Innovation License

Business Activities

Though free zones allow almost all business activities, still every free zone has some restriction to some activities and specializes in certain activities so if you are ready to establish a Dubai free zone company then it is essential for you to go through Dubai free zone services and activities that it can cater. Also, confirm the number of business activities allowed which you want to perform and figure how many business activities are allowed by the Dubai free zone.

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