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Engage the Outsourced Call Center in Marketing Automation Process This Year

Year 2015 will see a drastic change in the way marketing automation technology has been used so far. Businesses will open up information gathered to the front line agents from the outsourced call center. Marketing automation will become a key component of CRM.

Written by Alicia Gray on Jan 29, 2015 4:52 PM.
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Over the last couple of years marketing automation is a technology in trends. Most of the software giants such as Oracle, Adobe, Teradata are investing significant time and effort to come up with their user friendly marketing suites. There is a lot of investment going into refining the marketing automation technology. As a result marketing departments are becoming technology driven. Some of the business giants have also conceptualized a new role to leverage the potential of this new technology by appointing a Chief Marketing Technologist (CMT). Recent studies suggest that most of the large corporations have a CMT officer and are spending significant amounts in their digital marketing campaigns. 

Gap in Technology Deployment

Though the deployment of new technology will herald a new era in marketing, but experts believe there is a lot to learn. Marketing automation is a new technology and some of the companies have not completely grasped its potential. There are some lessons last year taught the large corporations in regards to the deployment of marketing automation technology. Marketing is only as good as lead generation. It is the job of the outsourced call center partners to engage customers and convince them. Then these leads are sent to the marketing team for conversion. Modern marketing teams can access technologies such as marketing automation to ease their work. But these tools should be readily accessible. There is no point in having a technology that can be accessed only within the office premises, when the marketing professionals have to spend a bulk share of their time away from their office or desks. This is why the marketing automation technology should be mobile friendly. The next step to marketing automation should be to make this technology accessible from any place. 

Sharing the Technology

But sales can be achieved with a combination of marketing efforts. If the internal staff is responsible for converting the leads, then your partners at outsourced contact centers are doing the pivotal task of earning these leads. This is why there is need for sharing of information. There should be a smooth flow of information whereby the frontline agents know how many of their leads are actually getting converted. This is where the large corporations are lagging. They are not able to bridge this gap. The information from the marketing automation technology is accessible to only the internal marketing staff, but the agents are remaining completely ignorant of the outcomes. Such a mentality is hurting the marketing process. Just like the CRM is not meant for solely the internal marketing team, so is the marketing automation technology. The frontline agents engaged in lead generation should have equal access to use the technology for their benefits. This is an area that the large corporates need to think about. 

Consolidation for Better Customer Experiences

The next big step forward for the marketing automation technology is consolidation into a technology that can be used by the internal marketing staff, the frontline agents as well as the customer service staff. This will mean that the end users also get some value from the marketing automation technology. When all these departments are synced together, it can lead to great customer service. Silo information is not able to please the customers. It is estimated that the businesses had to spend more than $3 Trillion for poor customer experiences last year. A lot of these costs could be reduced with the help of marketing automation syncing. 

Technology for All

In the first couple of years marketing automation technology has been largely limited to the large corporates, but experts feel this year it will spread out among the medium and small companies. Though the technology is proven for its worth, yet only 10% of the mid-sized companies are presently using the technology. This may be largely due to the silo information. The information is remaining confined within specific departments and thus investments in this technology cannot be justified. Some business owners feel that the present marketing automation technology is much too sophisticated for their liking. The software giants are already on it, trying to make the technology easy to use and feature rich. So, this year marketing automation technology will find more audience. 

Reappraisal of the Technology

Experts feel, in 2015 there will be a revolution in the way the technology has been used thus far. It will grow from a platform meant for lead-to-marketing cycle to a channel helping leverage the entire customer lifecycle. Businesses understand that sales could just be the start of a relationship between customer and brand. Marketing automation could be used to keep a track of communication from the voice, email or chat support. It could be used to measure the customer experience and retention. The technology will be equipped with providing customer information to the agents from outsourced call center through the various stages. It helps the agents manage and trigger communications based on existing stage of customer lifecycle and the customer behavior. It is believed that 2015 will see marketing automation become a front-end technology in CRM. 

Experts feel that so far the potential of marketing automation technology has only scratched the surface. In the future days it will become a vital part of customer engagement, satisfaction and retention programs. This is why 2015 will see the businesses open up the information to the frontline agents for better management of customer relations. 

Alicia Gray Marketing Manager

Alicia Gray is a BPO and outsourcing industry analyst, and writes about technology. Currently she is working as a marketing as well as customer service manager with Vcare Technology. Her role has been instrumental in assisting businesses to choose the right BPO Services.


Posted by Dina Haines on Jul 29, 2017 8:41 AM

Appreciated perusing the article above , truly clarifies everything in detail,the article is extremely fascinating and effective.Thank you and good fortunes for the up and coming article.

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