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The Transport Trends that Dominated 2017

The outgoing year has been witness to a lot of landmark movements and announcements in the transport industry. The innovations that have catapulted this industry over the years have culminated into the trends that we got to see in 2017.

Written by Ankita Sehgal on Jan 12, 2018 1:26 PM.
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From autonomous vehicles making a huge impact in every automobile manufacturer’s future plans, to the focus on drones and flying vehicles to revolutionise the commercial side of the industry.

While a lot of auto logistics companies in India and other countries wait with bated breath to see what the future holds for them, the trends from last year can only predict where the future will take its inspiration from. Here are a few automobile industry trends that made waves in 2017.

Autonomous Vehicles

The move towards autonomous vehicles intensified last year. Major players like Google and Ford have been experimenting for years to build a full autonomous network of commercial and passenger vehicles that can interact within themselves to reduce the number of accidents caused on the road. 2017 marked the entry of the first semi-autonomous truck courtesy electric automobile giant Tesla. The company’s previous innovations have paved the way for a greener and safer environment and with the launch of the electric truck, they have again paved the roads for the future, this time for the commercial vehicle space.


While the testing for the ambitious Hyperloop project has hit a few snags in the past few years, 2017 showed that there was still hope. The idea, originally floated around by Elon Musk who invited others to improve and increase the idea’s potential has gained a lot of interest from big investors. Last year also saw the inclusion of a lot of Asian countries in the plans of companies developing Hyperloop networks, including India. This plan will help in the growth of transport services in India by cutting down on travel times and being a flag bearer for a new kind of technology.


2017 saw the importance of drones growing tenfold, with Amazon conducting test runs to deliver packages through their drones. The potential of drones in the commercial space has been reiterated by a lot of companies, but a working model was greatly needed. Amazon provided that with their Prime Air services by showing its capabilities of delivering e-commerce shipments on time.

Electric Vehicles

With the world turning to greener methods so that they can combat global warming well, the automobile industry has shown solidarity in declaring independence from the use of fossil fuels. Almost every car company is now developing electric cars or other types of vehicles, and with big collaborations and the experimentation with other abundantly found energy sources like hydrogen fuel cells the future for clean transport options looks very bright.

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