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What Would You Do with Analytics Training in India?

One can answer this question in one sentence – “Prepare for the inevitable future.”

Written by Deepti Shukla on Oct 4, 2016 10:17 AM.
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Truly the Indian analytics market is rather small when judged in global standards; but India has a tradition of becoming huge very fast in whatever it adopts. Analytics adoption in India is currently way behind its probable peak; but it is undoubtedly charging ahead fast.

A study by Analytics India Magazine asserts that a large amount of global analytics is outsourced to India via the captives. This tells something about the pool of analytics professionals that is there in India. 20% of the Indian analytics market consists of the captives, and 75% of it is made of service providers that provide analytics solutions to various companies. The approximated number of these service providers in India is 600 among which 400 are startups; 100 of which have been started in 2015 alone. This gives us the picture that shows a bright future of analytics in India. No wonder India has seen the flourish of numerous organizations that offer online analytics training.

The world wide analytics market is already creating a lot of jobs and the skill gap still persists. The Indian analytics market is still in its infancy as most of the midsized B2B and B2C companies are yet to adopt analytics. Most large firms in different segments of the market have already adopted analytics. TATA, Mahindra & Mahindra in the automobile sector, HDFC bank in banking, Bharti Airtel and Idea telecom in Telecom industry were among the first to adopt analytics. E-commerce industry is, almost under compulsion, doubling the analytics efforts. It is just a matter of time before the small and midsized firms plunge into BigData analytics.

NASSCOM predicts that the Indian Big Data analytics market will see an eightfold growth to reach  $ 16billion by 2025 from its current value of $ 2billion. This is exactly, the kind of prediction that makes you sit up and think. If most Indian firms start to have their own analytics teams, which they eventually will, the domestic skill gap is going to stretch far and wide. Online analytics training in any domain of your interest or just a trendy one can let you keep your current role, whatever it is, in the industry while preparing you for the next big career shift.

Companies that really value business intelligence and bigdata analytics usually value the analytics professionals as well. If you are good at it, it is hard to get a job that does not pay well. The world wide analytics market as well as the existing Indian market already holds enough opportunities for a trained and certified analytics professional. With the logical predictions coming true the opportunities are just going to increase in numbers manifold.

This provides you probably, with enough reason to get enrolled for an analytics course if you have the aspirations. A great online analytics training program provides you with comprehensive knowledge matched with practical training and industry exposure and most importantly absolute flexibility. The Indian analytics market is blooming; get ready for it.   

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