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Why Lightweight Ballistic Shield Is Popular?

Over the years, safety shields have gone through several transformations to offer enhanced protection and convenience. Ballistic shields are currently the most popular choice and manufacturers now also offer lightweight ballistic shield which is not just handy but offers excellent protection too. Let us have a look at what makes these personal safety shields so popular.

Written by Stanley Thomas on Mar 1, 2017 6:31 AM.
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Shields have always been in existence since the combat began on earth. While the gladiators stood firmly with their shields in their hands to fight their battles, enforcement officers hold a modern version of the conventional shields when encountering threats. As shields have transformed by leaps and bounds over the years, many different versions are now available to offer enhanced protection and convenience. 

Ballistic shields are now very commonly used by patrol officers and special operation teams when encountering threats. But with the increasing number of shooting instances, it has now become very important for homeowners to take steps to enhance the safety of their family members. 

For personal use, manufacturers now also offer lightweight ballistic shield which can be easily used by anyone to protect themselves and their family from assailants. The ease of using these shields and the excellent protection that they offer has made them a very popular personal safety tools. 

Let us have a look at what makes these shields so popular. 

Excellent Protection

Many of the manufacturers offer lightweight shields which are designed to withstand any NIJ IIIA level threat. This means that these shields can withstand up to .44 magnum bullets up to 1,400 feet per second. Manufactured as per strict quality standards, these shields are sure to offer excellent protection from bullets. With the enhanced protection offered by these shields, one surely stands a chance against assailants. 

Lightweight Build

Needless to say, one of the most important reasons for the popularity of these shields is their lightweight design. There are shields which weigh under 10 pounds but are still very effective in deflecting bullets. The bulletproof shields are not just easy to use but are highly portable and can be easily stored too. This makes it a popular choice for homes, offices, restaurants and shops and even for officers. 

Enhanced Convenience

Apart from being the lightweight versions of the conventional cumbersome shields while still offering excellent protection from projectiles, the modern ballistic shields are designed to ensure enhanced convenience. Many of them now feature comfortable padding along with adjustable forearm strap and shoulder strap to fit securely. Apart from offering excellent protection from most bullets, one can rest assured that these shields are handy and very to use. 

Ballistic shields are very useful safety tools which do an excellent job of stopping and deflecting bullets. With the lightweight version of these shields now available, people worried about the safety of their family should surely invest in one for enhanced family protection. 

Just ensure you pick a reliable company and pick one that provides protection against .45 mm bullets and 9mm caliber rounds.

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