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Chef clothing in a commercial kitchen

For a successful commercial kitchen, chef’s presentation should also be ideal for the professional environment along with their behavior with the customers. The look of chefs determines whether they are easy to reach out or not. Here are the clothes and other stuff that you would require the chefs of your commercial kitchen.

Written by Commercial Kitchen on Apr 6, 2017 3:07 PM.
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Chef clothing plays a crucial role in ascertaining the good will of your commercial set up. People may have to approach waiters or chefs so it is important that they are easily identifiable. So you need not only be concerned about commercial catering equipment but also about the clothing of chefs in your restaurant or café. Here are some of the things that you should know about before finalizing dress code of chefs.

Aprons and caps

Chefs Aprons and hats are an important part of not just chef’s personality or how it adds professionalism to the commercial kitchen. Most of the people don’t know that it is significant because it protects the chefs not only from stains but also in the case of fire. Nowadays the material that is being used for manufacturing the aprons, hats is fireproof. Moreover, these cloths are washable without much effort.

Cotton fabric

The clothing that is manufactured using cotton or other natural fabrics is uncomfortable for the chefs. It doesn’t safeguard them from the fire. Besides, washing cotton cloths is a task especially the ones with stains. Never disregard the brand that you are paying for.

The clothing may include few spun poly stuff which is considered to be good. This will give the feel of cotton. In addition, it doesn’t shrink nor it asks for ironing. You can get them online also from the websites that provide professional chefs clothing.

Color of clothes

It is essential to be conscious of the color you choose. Though white is preferred commonly, but white makes the stains noticeable.

Deal with heat

These kinds of kitchens remain hot all the time and the chefs might get annoyed because of the temperature. So the clothes should keep them cool so that they could work comfortably. It should not only protect them from this heat but also let the circulation of air happen with ease. The stuff should be easy to wash so that they are ready for their dress code day after day.

Giving a brand name

It is strongly recommended that the uniforms of a chef should have logos or names of the brand. This adds to professional look and customers reach out for waiters easily.

Chef jackets

Traditional jackets for chefs are called as chef whites because of that crisp white design. These jackets are a symbol of cleanliness and professionalism. It was considered that if a jacket is still white after cooking, then it shows how experienced they are. Later on black and other colors also overtook the market; however, no color has replaced white.

Chef trousers

Chef trousers or baggies come with a checkered pattern which is black and white, as it conceals small stains. The stuff used to make this is cotton or polycotton mixed with Teflon coating, which safeguards the chef from hot liquid and similar stuff. These are comfortable for whole day and can be washed quickly.

Hats & Caps

While selecting hats or caps, firstly be sure of the size of head protective gear. These hats play multiple roles such as sweating will decrease, hair fall won’t happen. Ensure that it should neither be too loose or too tight. Both will put the chef in trouble. Always check your size with a measuring tape before buying. Nowadays chefs opt for black caps instead of the conventional style. One can shop this stuff online easily. While buying all this, look for the rebate available on different websites.


The traditional hat known as Toque Blanche has been widely worn since eons. Later on, multiple styles were introduced like skull caps and beanies. In some of the commercial kitchens, the chefs wear hats according to their rank or designation. 

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