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7 crucial customer service skills that call centre agents must possess

Humans are emotional beings and dealing with customers on a daily basis can be at times difficult specially the ranting ones.

Written by Alexis Powell on Jun 19, 2017 7:17 AM.
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Handling calls for an organisation is a worst experience for call centre agents and these agents are in the forefront for customer service. Organisations are dependent on agents to please and appease their customers. It is not as easy as it sounds. Call centre that hires call agents must look for certain skills before conforming them to join the process.

Here are 7 crucial customer service skills to be applied by an agent to deliver the best service.

1.  Patience: A most commonly used word but the one that is hardly practiced. Call centresmust train their agents to be patience even when the customer gets frustrated. Everybody has their own issues in this big wide world. Agents must let customers explain their situations and if they are unhappy with the services agent should not react negatively. Customers do not always possess technical information to solve a problem. Not everyone is skilled at technologies like some other tech-genius; therefore, when a customer needs call centre solutions, agents must put the customer at ease and explain to them step by step with proper instruction.

2.  Time management: Managing time is critical for customer service providers. Agents must be adept to respond to inquiries and must be ready to shift to other channels when a situation needs more attention. Moreover, deliveries and other additional responsibilities should be handled promptly. The vendors that offer call centre solutions must have options for follow-up calls to ensure further efficiency.

3.  Strong communication: Communication gap between the customer and the agent is like playing another puzzle game. Agents must be trained to balance their conversational skills by giving answers, using an adept vocabulary and being approachable and friendly at all times.

4.  Clear knowledge about the product and services: Br prepared for a counter-attack. Not all customers go with your flow. Sometimes they attack you with numerous questions about the product. Spend a quality time to know about the product and services of a company and if there are changes agents must be updated from time to time accordingly.

5.  Listen attentively: Your customer is blabbering about his laptop that isn’t working and you on the other side of the bridge is daydreaming about ham burgers instead of paying attention to him. If a customer wishes to explain an issue in detail, don’t interrupt. Listen attentively to what he has to say. This is a way of showing respect to the customers. Moreover, you are able to solve the problem swiftly.

6.  Adaptability: one of the most important customer service skill a call centre solution representative must practice is adapting to diverse situations. Any demand, request, technical issues must be on your fingertips. Agents must be trained to handle varied situation without consuming much time. One conversation might be quite different from the other one, so adapting the flow of situations is an important skill to master.

7.  Go an extra mile: don’t be afraid to go that extra mile. Customers appreciate the quality of willingness and dedication towards a company. Agents who is determined to put an extra effort always wins. Gestures such as providing extra help by connecting other departments or channels instead of just telling the customer to connect themselves and so on will always be an exceptional experience.

Call centres aim at improving cost-efficient operations and workforce productivity. It comes in all shapes and sizes and work towards one ultimate goal, ‘to satisfy their customers.’ There are myriad number of situation that arises in a customer service exchange, call centre executives must be versatile and adaptive to various skill in order to deliver excellent call centre solutions.

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