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7 Ways Attorney Answering Service Will Improve Your Law Firm

It’s not easy to attend the calls round the clock. Even if you have hired a receptionist, how will you ensure that the calls made to you are being attended properly? What if while you are busy in a meeting your receptionist isn’t available near the phone? In such a scenario, attorney answering service comes to the rescue.

Written by Stanley Thomas on Jun 19, 2017 9:47 AM.
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One of the most common problems that law firms face is missing out on calls. Because of packed schedules and back-to-back meetings, it becomes quite difficult to keep an eye on the receptions regarding the management of calls. 

If the calls aren’t being attended properly, you can miss out a lot of opportunities to work with new clients. Hence, the importance of attorney answering service cannot be denied. Here is how you can get benefits out of it.

  • Client Acquisition:

By delivering good customer service, you can easily accrue a great number of clients. Every time someone would call your office, if the call is being attended properly, it won’t create any hassles for the callers. Hence, they would be assured of the fact that someone is listening to them. Thus, it will help you in client acquisition.

  • Interpersonal Communication:

Being a lawyer, you are going to see people at their most vulnerable phase. In such a scenario, while contacting you, all they would want is a bit of understanding and trust. Since emotional intelligence is linked to interpersonal communication, it will help you and your staff in understanding your client in a better way. All this can happen with a better communication.

  • Prominent Customer Experience:

When it comes to offering the best customer experience to your clients, nothing would be beneficial than an attorney answering service. To understand your client in a better way, you would have to scrutinize their intake process. And, you can only do this by hiring the correct person to answer phone calls. Since experience is what your customers rely on, it should be best to make your law firm outperform than others. There are a lot of companies which can provide you answering service. One such company is Business Connections.

  • The Key Is to Have Details:

One of the best ways to build trust among your clients is by concentrating on the details. The more trust you can develop, the more details you would be able to gain. And, with every extra detail, it will become easier for you to win the case. Hence, it will improve the recognition of your law firm in a better way. To do this, making quick calls to address the change in your client’s life would be a great option.

  • Back-Call:

An answering service can help you in many ways. Since it will collect all of the details on your behalf, it will become easier for you get in touch with people who called to seek your help. Even if you don’t have any answer to them, calling back within 24 hours makes you nothing but professional.

  • Keep Clients Updated:

Most of the people complain about not being updated by their attorneys. As far as your law firm is concerned, you must inform everything to your client to stand apart from the rest. You can do this via phone calls or e-mails. Answering service will make this process a plain-sailing for you.

  • New Technology:

The moment you contact your client for the first time, customer service starts from that very moment. To make the follow-up process simpler and easier, answering service can be used for streamlining intake, staying in touch, following -up, etc.

So, these are some of the prominent reasons how answering service can improve your law firm. The client always demands attention and good experience. And, if you are capable of providing it, no one would be able to beat your firm in terms of popularity.  

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