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How to recover from Google Panda effect?

Google Panda is a standout amongst the most examined SEO Topics of 2011 and 2012.If you are new here "Google Panda is an Algorithm acquainted by Google with enhance query items quality".

Written by Evie Jones on Jul 5, 2017 5:31 PM. Last edited by Evie Jones on Jul 5, 2017 6:11 PM.
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Google Panda is a standout amongst the most examined SEO Topics of 2011 and 2012.If you are new here "Google Panda is an Algorithm acquainted by Google with enhance query items quality".

What is Google Panda?

Google Panda is an Algorithm acquainted with enhances look results. No question this algorithm unquestionably expanded scan quality outcomes yet for the vast majority of them, this algorithm left tears in vain. Basically, Google Panda is a space level punishment, so on the off chance that you blog has couple of awful posts then it will impact the entire blog like "one bad apple can spoil the total bunch ". I will be disclosing how to dispose of this low-quality substance perused on.


How to Identify if your site got effected with this Update?

When the update rolled out you can notice an increase in traffic, decrease in traffic or no change in traffic.

No Change in Traffic: It implies you didn't either loose or gain in this update and you have to aware of the future updates.

Increase in Traffic: Its shows that you are doing well as of now cheers :).

Decrease in Traffic: It is the most important aspect. In the event that your traffic diminished then you are one of the casualties in this refresh and should take a shot at the recuperation procedure.

What Kind of Websites get affected with Google Panda Algo?

  • ·  Websites with poor quality Content;
  • ·  Websites with futile pages those are indexed in Google;
  • ·  Websites with lots of advertisements;
  • ·  Websites with not good design and bad SEO structure;
  • ·  Websites/Blogs those are not updated;
  • ·  Websites with spin and old article.

How to Recover from Google Panda Update?


It’s very easy to recover from Google Panda Effect. This penalty recovery is really easy. When your site will gets affected with these then You have to start working from the very first day and you will get the result within a week if you work properly (maximum a month).

1. Remove Low-Quality Content from Google:

This is the first step you have to do when you are hit by Panda effect. When you are writing low-quality content that mean you are inviting Panda. Many web masters are not conscious of Low-Quality content. At first you have to know what low-quality content is and then you have to start removing low quality content.

2. Fix all Broken Links:

Broken links are very much important issue of every website. Broken links can effect blog SEO. These links shows the visitors 404 error page error though the visitors were searching for useful data.

3. Get Rid of Duplicate Content and Duplicate Meta Tags:

Duplicate content is another important problem here. At times website admins compose the same sort of refresh in various posts like "Google Panda Update 20" "Google Panda Update 21" and give same Meta Description and Keywords. Though both are distinctive however contains practically same watchwords in the title. This makes them look like Duplicate content according to Google.

4. Remove Spammy and Unwanted Comments:


Don't accept any bad or useless comment in your blog. Don't force other to comment in your site always try to accept the good comment. Good comments help you to boosts your rank. And also spammy comments will harm your website.

5. Split content into Categories:

This is also important rules that you have to maintain. If you have a blog site then  you have to write your content on proper category basis.

6.  Avoid Keyword Stuffing:

Keyword Stuffing is one of the best process to rank well in Google. I will suggest you some methods to use:

  • ·  Always try to use more than 3-4 keywords in your title;
  • ·  Focus on Long Tail Keyword;
  • ·  Use different keyword.

7. Disavow the bad link backs:

In this process, you have to make research on your backlink and you have to use the disavow tool remove all the bad link in your site. In spite of the fact that Google Panda doesn't have much to do with backlinks. This will ensure your blog is totally spotless after the recuperation procedure. Read how to utilize the Google Disavow apparatus and anticipate negative SEO to your blog.

In this way, Always concentrate on Quality, not Quantity. Client encounter is the essential perspective which you need to concentrate on. Each blog will get hit by this calculation refreshes now or some other day. Try not to freeze remain cool and work on to give quality substance to perusers. On the off chance that you had a hit then the previously mentioned strides will recoup your site totally.

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