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Moving to Sarasota? An Overview of the Quality of Life and Opportunities for Families and Children

Sarasota is in the South West Florida region approximately 60 minutes from Tampa and about 2 hours from Orlando.

Written by Simon Hopes on Aug 11, 2017 7:31 PM.
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Sarasota is in the South West Florida region approximately 60 minutes from Tampa and about 2 hours from Orlando. This area is continuously attracting new residents thanks to its plenty of shopping options, great restaurants, and award-winning beaches, warm temperatures throughout the year, high quality of education, and a thriving art and cultural scene. Young families, retirees, and a handful of celebrities have prioritized Sarasota as a go-to destination.

The quality of life here can best be described through a mixture of what most people consider paradise with some hints of reality. The population is growing quite fast, but the construction industry is growing at the same scale thereby assuring the influx of residents and holiday makers that there is plenty of room for everyone. The economy has been flourishing in as much as the community grows. People working in healthcare, tourism, and the small business sector have seen their fortunes grow as the Sarasota job market expands.

Reasons Why You Should Move to Sarasota

There are many reasons why your move to Sarasota is not a regrettable choice, rather an opportunity to explore a land with boundless limits. In terms of ranking based on the quality of life, Sarasota is in the top quarter of 100 metro areas within the United States. The metro population is over 735,000, the median age approximately 50.7, while the unemployment rate is unbelievably low at 4.5%.

The Cost of Living 

Compared to the larger Florida especially in regions like Miami, Sarasota has a relatively affordable cost of living. Young families find it reasonable to buy a home here despite the upward pressure on property prices occasioned by the influx of wealthy residents. The average housing costs in Sarasota are $224,613 and over time, the prices have been mildly increasing.

The Weather in Sarasota

Sarasota is a winterless wonderland. Being in Florida, this area shares in the hot and humid summer weather, but compared to places like Washington DC, this is no hotter. Families and children find the daily refreshing gulf breeze along the coastline a blessing especially when coupled with frequent afternoon rain showers. As you make it through summer, the promise of no snow will make you not want to leave this place.

Excellent Healthcare

According to Money Magazine, Sarasota is among the best cities in terms of healthcare systems. There are four local hospital facilities that offer some of the most exceptional healthcare services with numerous awards to prove their proficiency. The Sarasota Memorial Health Care System was ranked among the 50 best hospitals in the United States. 

Flourishing Business Climate

There are over 20,000 businesses in Sarasota County, three-quarters of which are categorized as small to medium size companies with a workforce of under 25 employees. From the financial meltdown of 2008, Sarasota has recorded an impressive recovery and added lots of jobs in the market lowering its unemployment rate by close to half.

Are you planning to move to Sarasota? Whether you are moving for business or residential reasons, getting a fully licensed and insured moving company with excellent customer service will guarantee you a fresh start in your new paradise in Sarasota.

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