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A Brief Note on the Vital Features of Fibre-Reinforced Plastic

SAFE-SERIES™, reputable brand of Treadwell group, offers high-quality anti-slip solutions at best rates to prevent slips in the harsh environments

Written by Simon Hopes on Aug 31, 2017 1:43 PM.
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The industrial owners, these days, leave no stone unturned to ensure that the workplace meets the safety standards in order to prevent unwanted mishaps. The industrial sectors are quite prone to slips and they are trying their best to install the finest flooring solutions that can help them to enhance the safety quotient in the organization. As per studies, slips are still the biggest reasons of workplace injuries and accidents. Almost 95% of the major slips lead to broken bones that further result in absenteeism and affects the productivity of the organization negatively. Hence, the industrial owners emphasize on installing the right flooring structures that comprise of numerous advantageous features.

Few years back, the industrial owners were dependent on the floor coverings made of conventional materials such as steel, aluminum, iron etc. After comprehending the fact that these materials offer limited benefits, they went looking for something even more superior. However, the advent of FRP reduced this extra burden from their shoulders as this modern-day material has features that make them more desirable than the conventional ones. Owing to the beneficial properties, the industrial owners are widely installing the composite boardwalks made of FRP. Are you keen to know why FRP more preferred these days than the traditional materials? If yes, take a look at the points given below:

  FRP Has Anti-Slip Property

It is one of the major reasons, which provoke the majority of the industrial holders to invest their hard-earned money on this product. FRP has slip resistance properties that prevent the employees or workers from slipping down and getting injuries. No matter whether you purchase an anti-slip deck or the stair nosing structure made of FRP, either of these products will provide immense grip to your feet and save you from unwanted mishaps.

FRP Has High-Resistance Properties

The fibreglass products can resist electricity. Hence, they are used in industries that are exposed to wires or electric circuits. These items never rot when they get in touch with harsh chemical solutions. Also, the fibreglass based items can resist flames and the negative impacts of UV rays or else harsh weather alterations. Owing to these high-resistance properties, the industrial owners can easily install these products both in outdoor as well as indoor settings.

  FRP Is Strong

The FRP based products are generally manufactured by implementing an effective procedure known as Pultrusions. This process is solely responsible for making the FRP composites stronger than other alternatives made of aluminium, steel and other traditional material. FRP is durable and lasts for longer period.

When it comes to the benefits of FRP, affordability is among the significant aspects that can’t be missed. The low installation plus maintenance costs of Fibreglass products make them affordable than the conventional products. If you’re thinking of purchasing these products, rely on the reputable store that provides high-quality FRP based items at finest rates.

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