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How to Manage Social Customer Service Complaints

Check out some helpful tips on how to deal with social customer service complaints.

Written by Jenny smith on Jul 28, 2013 6:04 AM. Last edited by Hya Gatdula on Jul 28, 2013 6:27 AM.
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Nowadays, when you have a great customer service experience, word spread easily when you choose to announce it on social media. Companies with high service quality and are lucky enough to have expressive customers benefit from this free and effective PR. As a result, they rely on social media for business promotion because it is the most convenient and one of the cheapest channels. Consequently though, with just one click, an irate customer can let the world know about a bad service, a faulty product or an unhelpful customer service representative who never got back to their complaint. So how do we deal when customers head to air their grievances or leave feedback for the world to know? Here are some tips from one Home of Service Expert, Shep Hyken:

1. Respond quickly

2. Think of this as a conversation. Respond in a conversational style.

3. Don't become defensive.

4. Ask them for their contact information

5. Once the problem is resolved, go back to the original social media channel and thank the customer for the opportunity to fix the problem

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