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  • Customer Service May Rule, but Rules in Customer Service Don’t

    Even while on vacation with my family, I can’t help but take note of the customer service – or lack thereof. One resort employee denied a simple request using one of my least favorite phrases: I’m sorry, it’s our rule.

  • Customer Service Journey Map Can Lead to Instant Gratification

    How’s this for a customer service strategy: Instant Gratification. I’m not talking just at the end of the transaction – think instant gratification at every step of the way. During the customer experience there are multiple touch points, or moments of interaction with the company’s employees, website or product. The goal is to make every aspect of the experience an opportunity to deliver instant gratification.

  • Turn Angry Customers into Customer Evangelists

    For my sixth year of speaking at the International Franchise Association’s convention, I decided to take a different approach. I engaged in more of a conversation with the members of this great organization and asked the audience members to share some of their best practices that were related to various topics on the agenda.

  • 10 Nifty Customer Service Tips for Call Center Agents

    Call center agents are your customer’s first line of contact when it comes to resolving their concerns. Make sure they are customer service-ready with these 10 nifty tips.

  • Turn Employee Customer Service Best Practice into Standard Practice

    I am no stranger to travel … airports, hotels and the like are all in a day’s work. On a recent occasion, I was flying into Las Vegas to present a customer service speech. The client had arranged ground transportation, so I expected to find a driver holding a sign with my name on it at the baggage claim area.

  • Engage the Outsourced Call Center in Marketing Automation Process This Year

    Year 2015 will see a drastic change in the way marketing automation technology has been used so far. Businesses will open up information gathered to the front line agents from the outsourced call center. Marketing automation will become a key component of CRM.

  • How to Create a Customer-Centric Culture

    Want to create a customer-centric culture? That’s a lot of words that begin with C. However, we’re going to focus on D’s in this article. No, not the kind that you get in school – that’s not a very good grade!

  • An Amazing Customer Service Idea: The Five Dollar Lifeboat

    Elder Glenn was working in the hardware store one day when he was approached by an upset customer who said he had a problem. The customer had bought two items that each featured a $5 rebate. He had completed all the steps to claim the rebates, which included mailing the receipt and code on the package to the manufacturer. However, he never received the rebates, and by this point he was becoming agitated.

  • Respect Customers’ Time: Resolve Customer Service Complaints Quickly

    Do you spend more time than you would like on the phone dealing with bad customer service?

  • Customer Service Rules vs. Guidelines

    Two words that can drive me crazy are “company policy.” Policies are often used as unbendable rules that are not conducive to customer service and creating a customer-focused company atmosphere.

  • Social Customer Service Equals Positive Experiences

    I recently had the privilege of working with an amazing, customer-focused operation. Hy-Vee, a Midwest grocery store chain, impressed me, as I’m sure they impress their customers, with their amazing service delivered by dedicated employees.

  • 5 Tips for Making the Best of a Bad Customer Experience

    Instead of being depressed or helpless, remember you can always recover, and that can be an opportunity to win customers and generate positive word-of-mouth. Here are five tips to help you learn from each bad customer experience problem and retain your customers.

  • Why Healthcare Call Center Need Technology to Attain Excellence?

    Good customer care services are the differentiators between a good business and an average one. But when it comes to the healthcare scenario good customer service is a difference between life and death.

  • Solving Customer Problems, Even When They Aren’t Our Fault

    It was 4 p.m. on a Sunday and I had just arrived in Las Vegas. I was on the sixth day of a nine-day, multi-city speaking tour and was scheduled to speak at a black-tie event at 6 p.m. that day. Unfortunately, although I had arrived in the city on time, my tuxedo did not. Rather than toting it through several cities, I had shipped it to the hotel … but it never arrived.

  • Customer Service Automated Responses - How Not To Do It!

    An automated customer service reply from United Airlines highlights how not to do it if you really value your customers

  • Digital Customer Service: Opportunity to Connect with Customer

    As technology keeps advancing, the gap between in-person customer service and the online customer experience is closing. While there is still no substitute for the personal experience that comes from dealing with another human being, some websites are employing very personalized tactics.

  • Impact Call Center Outsourcing Can Have On Real Estate Business

    The dwindling economies and wars all over the globe have impacted harshly on the real estate sector. Once a profiting industry, now it has to compete intensely.

  • Customer Experience Lesson from Superstar Athlete

    Recognized as one of the greatest basketball players to ever play the game, Earvin “Magic” Johnson is also successful in business, perhaps even more so. He is known for guiding typical suburban businesses into urban America. On the basketball court, he played to win by understanding and defeating his competition. In business, he wins by understanding his customers and offering them something of value.

  • You Can Be a Customer Service Hero (Don’t Miss the Opportunity!)

    My 20-year-old daughter recently dropped her phone and shattered the screen. It happened as we were leaving a restaurant where we had lunch before taking her to the airport. She was catching a flight to the UK to spend a semester studying abroad.

  • Though Customer Service Isn’t Perfect, It Can Be Excellent

    Everyone knows the old saying, “Nobody’s perfect,” and since customer service is delivered by human beings, it won’t always be perfect either. There will be mistakes, problems and complaints – hopefully not many, but they will happen from time to time.