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  • An Opportunity to Walk in the Customer Support Center’s Shoes

    We live in a world where customers have a wide variety of choices. When you need to purchase something, it’s likely there are many businesses selling similar products or services. How do you choose from whom to buy? This is where customer service can be the great differentiator.

  • The Chief Customer Officer Is Now Part of the C-Suite

    To be effective, customer service must go all the way to the top. It’s something I’ve been saying for a long time, and it’s catching on. In many companies, there is now a seat at the boardroom table for the Chief Customer Officer.

  • Customer Service Journey Map Can Lead to Instant Gratification

    How’s this for a customer service strategy: Instant Gratification. I’m not talking just at the end of the transaction – think instant gratification at every step of the way. During the customer experience there are multiple touch points, or moments of interaction with the company’s employees, website or product. The goal is to make every aspect of the experience an opportunity to deliver instant gratification.

  • Customer Service from the C-Suite to the Mail Room

    In a recent interview, I was asked questions about why the leaders of a company in the “C-Suite” should focus on customer service. The questions seemed to be well-thought-out and appropriate, but as I reviewed the questions and my answers, it occurred to me that they could be applied to everyone in the organization, not just the management.

  • Performance Appraisals Do Create Customer Experiences

    When employees feel that they are held accountable to reasonable performance standards and provided with objective evaluations, they are more inclined to provide a higher level of service to customers.

  • Service Recovery - Regaining Your Customer's Trust

    Service recovery is important to sustaining a solid business reputation. While mistakes do happen, the customer is depending upon you to quickly correct the situation.

  • Option Awareness Does Create Customer Experiences

    Customer service requires customer service personnel to always be ready and equipped to work at maximum efficiency and with maximum effectiveness. One's ability to know that the Play Clock is Running in your customer's head, understanding that there are solutions available via Option Awareness and possessing the knowledge to Select the Right Option will lead to creating satisfied customers and confident customer facing personnel.

  • The Big E Word in Customer Service

    Employing the art of empathy can be the difference in one's attempt to retain an angry customer. Empathize sincerely by asking yourself - How Would I Feel?, What Would I Expect?, Do I Trust You? and Are You Listening?

  • Employee Morale Does Create Customer Experiences

    Keep employee morale high in your company. Create a great Corporate Culture, make sure management/supervisory personnel have the proper level of Management Expertise and provide Objective Performance Evaluations. Your paying customer will certainly benefit from your decision to do all three!

  • Keys to a Great In-Home Customer Service Experience

    In-home service is a big deal in today’s world. Make sure you’re creating great in-home customer experiences by Communicating, making sure service providers create the right impression Before Ringing the Doorbell, providing a great Service Experience and allowing the customer Rate Your Services.

  • Why Are Your Customers Waiting?

    Customers are depending upon companies to provide prompt efficient service. Make sure your company is ready by checking to insure Supply Meets Demand, that the Seasoned Vs Non-Seasoned Ratio indicates you're successfully retaining tenured personnel and that your Options for Self Service are efficient and effective for the "I Like To Do It Myself" customer.

  • Wow Your Employees First!

    Create a "Wow!" experience for your customers by creating a "Wow!" experience for your employees first. "Wow!" them with Core Values, Comprehensive Training, Great Management and Loyalty.

  • 3 Steps for New Employee Success

    A new employee is dependent upon an organization for assistance in successfully performing the duties for which they were hired. Use the I.E.E. method to ensure they get off to a good start! Your customer is depending upon it!

  • Metrics - Friend or Foe

    It's important to utilize metrics to determine how well your operation is performing. In order to make sure your metrics are considered as a "friend" by both customers and employees, Determine What To Measure and Properly Establish the Metric.

  • Big Customer Service for Small Businesses

    Running a small business can be a daunting task requiring the owner to wear multiple hats. In your quest to grow your business, remember to Act Like You’re Already There by developing customer service strategies, Examine Your Processes to insure they are both customer and employee friendly and Establish Operational Metrics to always know the pulse of your business. By taking these steps, you greatly enhance your opportunities for growth!

  • Angry Customer Prevention

    It's a great idea to equip customer facing personnel with "how to handle angry customers" skills. Doing so gives them the confidence to properly handle the situation. Take an additional step by proactively identifying and addressing issues which contribute to the number of angry customers your customer facing personnel encounter. I can guarantee both customers and employees will love you for that!

  • Who's Responsible for the Customer's Experience?

    When determining who's responsible for the customer's experience, I say hands down it's leadership! Leaders should be Actively Engaged, Exercise Positive Motivation, Encourage Teamwork and be In Tune with the Customer.

  • Laziness and Apathy are Customer Service Killers

    I write about amazing customer service experiences that I encounter so others can learn from them. And, bad customer experiences can be learning experiences as well – they are examples of what not to do. Two bad experiences recently highlighted the fact that some people refuse to be flexible because that’s not the easy way out. Such laziness is a customer service killer!

  • Overcoming The Barriers To Innovation In Your Business

    Winning businesses get ahead and stay ahead of their competitors and they do this by talking a proactive approach to innovation. Andy Hanselman highlights 10 common barriers to maximising innovation and four key factors you need to make it happen in your business

  • Beyond the Call of Duty

    This story validates the meaning of service. It is not just doing your job and getting paid. What Eric and the other staff did confirms that when you are in this kind of industry, you need to serve and by serving, it means solving.