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  • My Introductory Post

    Just a few words of introduction - I would love to stay that I am very happy to have joined homeofservice

  • Take Care of Customer Experience to Boost Your Business

    By availing resolutions provided by call centres in India, businesses authorises the service provider to let its professionals interact with its customers on behalf of the business and create a strong brand image in front of customers.

  • How Effective Is An Inbound Call Center For Generating Sales?

    Customer Satisfaction stays at the heart of any successful business. You have to ensure high-quality customer services, which will, in turn, generate leads for more sales. To be able to address your customers’ queries on time adds value to your customer service. According to the reports of Synovate, more than 65% customers stop purchasing products of a particular brand due to bad customer service.

  • Your Employees Work Remotely: 4 Ways To Ensure Your Business Is Secure

    Remote employees are often considered to be the main source of security breaches and data leaks. How to ensure your business is secure when working with remote employees.

  • How to Select a Commercial Dishwasher

    There are hundreds of businesses based on food and beverage in Sydney. Commercial kitchens such as these require to be well equipped with modern commercial kitchenware so that the work can be done smoothly. Whether you are running a restaurant or a catering service, dishes are plentiful and cleaning them could be tough

  • Why Amazon’s Health and Beauty Market is Challenging

    In recent years, health and beauty market emerged as the top online bazaar and it has crossed the mark of $300 billion in sales term. Most of the sellers avoid this market because of counterfeiting and claims by the buyers. The eStore Factory is the professional agency that helps the sellers in the Amazon marketing strategy. The professionals help the clientele with right product selling technique in this section.

  • Economical Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

    No business can run, function and survive without utilizing the right marketing strategies. Thus, every business needs the right kind of marketing tactics that can help them beat the intense competition.

  • Warehousing: Advantages and Management

    The warehousing department is one of the most important departments of the logistics industry. Warehousing provides the time and space for the supply chain to organise its work.

  • Tips for Buying Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    Buying a fiber laser cutting machine requires adequate knowledge. You can buy the best one by depending on the kind of metallic material to be cut.

  • How to sell more on eBay – eBay SEO Guide

    It is a dream of every eBay selling agent to make the best use of the platform and sell his products more online. But competition is really fierce there. Several sellers are selling the same products on eBay and other online merchandising stores.

  • Checklist to find the right HVAC Contractor

    It is important that the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems in any building are well-maintained as these help improve the air-quality and regulate the indoor temperatures, in offices, residential buildings and equipment rooms (for example, data centers, server rooms, telecom apparatus etc.)

  • How Campground insurance has Been The Most Efficient In Covering Unwanted Risk?

    As an owner of a campground, it is important to make sure that you are well protected from risks. A campground insurance is what you need to get the most efficient coverage against unwanted risks. In this post, we’ll have a look at how this insurance can benefit a campground owner.

  • 8 Things Will Help You When Looking For a Luxury Apartment

    Purchasing your own home is not less than fulfilling your dream of life. You spend a big part of your savings for buying a luxurious apartment that not only fulfills your personal needs, but also the needs of your family members.

  • What Makes Business Process Outsourcing in India Work?

    Outsourcing to call centres does not only allow organisations to reduce their overhead and operational costs, but also improves the extra burden off the shoulders of their in-house staff and provide them with time, energy and resources to focus on other primary competencies of the business. Outsourcing business functions to a reputable and right outsourcing partner empowers businesses to operate round-the-clock and provide flawless customer support services.

  • Scale the Pinnacle of Success with Right Outsourcing Partner

    Corporate call center that can help them meet and exceed customer expectations, improve customer experience

  • Optimize Your Amazon Sponsored Ads In 3 Simple Ways

    Amazon has become the biggest online marketing place for the sellers or vendors. The online sellers have the products, but they want to reach out to the proper audiences.

  • Maintain Your Sewer Drain Pipes to Let Them Work Smoothly

    Is your sink “returning back” all those items that you rinsed off or is your sewer line making a strange “gulping” sound or is everything that you flushed in your toilet is coming back to haunt you? If, you are facing any of these symptoms, then your sewer lines have been blocked partially or fully...

  • 7 crucial customer service skills that call centre agents must possess

    Humans are emotional beings and dealing with customers on a daily basis can be at times difficult specially the ranting ones.

  • 7 Ways Attorney Answering Service Will Improve Your Law Firm

    It’s not easy to attend the calls round the clock. Even if you have hired a receptionist, how will you ensure that the calls made to you are being attended properly? What if while you are busy in a meeting your receptionist isn’t available near the phone? In such a scenario, attorney answering service comes to the rescue.

  • Get Insight Into Amazon Sellers Account Inventory Report

    With the changing technology and the introduction of new software, the online marketplace like Amazon has brought many changes in its policies and guidelines. It has introduced terms for uploading of images on EBC, Ungating of brands and so on.