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  • A 'Super' Example Of Customer Delight! Twins Are 'Bowled' Over By It

    A fantastic example of customer delight from Seattle Seahawks' Derrick Coleman

  • What Businesses Say And What Customers Think!

    There's a big difference between what businesses say to their customers and what customers actually hear and think - how does yours measure up? Are you guilty of 'scriptease'?

  • Trust Enhances Employee and Customer Experience

    Whether you are talking about a customer relationship or employee relations, there is an essential element that must be part of your customer service culture, and that is trust.

  • Employee Morale Does Create Customer Experiences

    Keep employee morale high in your company. Create a great Corporate Culture, make sure management/supervisory personnel have the proper level of Management Expertise and provide Objective Performance Evaluations. Your paying customer will certainly benefit from your decision to do all three!

  • Keys to a Great In-Home Customer Service Experience

    In-home service is a big deal in today’s world. Make sure you’re creating great in-home customer experiences by Communicating, making sure service providers create the right impression Before Ringing the Doorbell, providing a great Service Experience and allowing the customer Rate Your Services.

  • Personalize Customer Service to Create Amazing Customer Experiences

    There is one thing that you can do that almost guarantees that your customer will want to come back and do business with you. It’s more than just delivering amazing customer service. It’s delivering amazing personalized customer service.

  • 80 Percent of Customer Service: Just Being Nice

    Woody Allen once said, “80 percent of success is just showing up.” To that I would add, “80 percent of customer service is just being nice.”

  • What Customer Experience Could You Offer that People Would Pay Double?

    Did the title of this article seem incredulous to you? Or, on the other hand, perhaps the prospect caused a bit of excitement in your mind. This article asks a variety of questions about the customer experience, and you could learn a lot by thinking about your answers to them.

  • Why Are Your Customers Waiting?

    Customers are depending upon companies to provide prompt efficient service. Make sure your company is ready by checking to insure Supply Meets Demand, that the Seasoned Vs Non-Seasoned Ratio indicates you're successfully retaining tenured personnel and that your Options for Self Service are efficient and effective for the "I Like To Do It Myself" customer.

  • 5 Ways to Maximize Holiday Sales and Increased Traffic

    Small business owners and entrepreneurs must take steps to maximize holiday sales and take advantage of increased traffic, whether this is foot traffic into your brick and mortar business, or special online promotions that lead to increased traffic to your website. It would be short-sighted not to seek opportunities and implement strategies to maximize holiday sales and capture this increased traffic in order to be able to market to customers and prospects at other times during the year.

  • Customer Complaint Procedures - Yes, But Customer Praise Procedure?

    Lots of businesses have a customer complaints procedure, but less have a customer praise procedure - Andy Hanselman suggests businesses should consider it!

  • Purposeful Customer Service

    I recently posed the following question to a group of business owners at the International Franchise Association convention: How do you ensure a great customer service experience for your customers?

  • 10 Things To Consider GIVING To Your Customers - They'll THANK You For It

    At a time of Thanksgiving, Andy Hanselman offers 10 simple things to give to help improve your relationships with your customers

  • 5 Ways to Build Loyal Customers and Improve Profits

    Loyal customers are the lifeblood of your business and it’s important to clearly identify and build loyal customers, while you welcome the one-time buyer or occasional shopper. In order to make sure that you’re being effective in the strategies you use to deliver customer satisfaction and retain your customers, it’s important to do a regular evaluation of your retention rate.

  • Five Customer Service Tips to Prepare for the Holiday Rush

    Ah, Black Friday … the day after Thanksgiving, quite possibly the busiest shopping day of the year. I ventured out to a very busy shopping mall on Black Friday this year and watched the salespeople and the customers. Here are my observations.

  • Wow Your Employees First!

    Create a "Wow!" experience for your customers by creating a "Wow!" experience for your employees first. "Wow!" them with Core Values, Comprehensive Training, Great Management and Loyalty.

  • 3 Steps for New Employee Success

    A new employee is dependent upon an organization for assistance in successfully performing the duties for which they were hired. Use the I.E.E. method to ensure they get off to a good start! Your customer is depending upon it!

  • Metrics - Friend or Foe

    It's important to utilize metrics to determine how well your operation is performing. In order to make sure your metrics are considered as a "friend" by both customers and employees, Determine What To Measure and Properly Establish the Metric.

  • Big Customer Service for Small Businesses

    Running a small business can be a daunting task requiring the owner to wear multiple hats. In your quest to grow your business, remember to Act Like You’re Already There by developing customer service strategies, Examine Your Processes to insure they are both customer and employee friendly and Establish Operational Metrics to always know the pulse of your business. By taking these steps, you greatly enhance your opportunities for growth!

  • Angry Customer Prevention

    It's a great idea to equip customer facing personnel with "how to handle angry customers" skills. Doing so gives them the confidence to properly handle the situation. Take an additional step by proactively identifying and addressing issues which contribute to the number of angry customers your customer facing personnel encounter. I can guarantee both customers and employees will love you for that!