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  • Who's Responsible for the Customer's Experience?

    When determining who's responsible for the customer's experience, I say hands down it's leadership! Leaders should be Actively Engaged, Exercise Positive Motivation, Encourage Teamwork and be In Tune with the Customer.

  • Five Actions You Can Implement Today to Build a High Performance Work Environment - By Bill Hogg

    Success starts and ends with the people in your organization. When your team is managed effectively and clearly understand their role and what is expected of them, good things happen. Good leadership shapes behaviour and increases an individual’s level of engagement.

  • Before You Can Be Customer Centric, You Must Be Employee Centric

    “Customer centricity” is popular terminology in the customer service arena today, and it refers to a company-wide focus on the customer. Everyone in the company and everything the company does – every business process, every department – has the customer in mind at all times. It is a powerful way for a company to operate successfully.

  • Making Your Marketing Work - It's As Easy As ABC!

    Introducing an alphabetic guide to making your marketing work!

  • Customer Loyalty in a Social World

    Two of the most profitable investments you can make in your business today are 1) Taking the time to develop strategies that keep your current customers happy and 2) Engage with your customers to build strong customer loyalty that's so essential in a social world.

  • Laziness and Apathy are Customer Service Killers

    I write about amazing customer service experiences that I encounter so others can learn from them. And, bad customer experiences can be learning experiences as well – they are examples of what not to do. Two bad experiences recently highlighted the fact that some people refuse to be flexible because that’s not the easy way out. Such laziness is a customer service killer!

  • Netflix Customer Service Rep channels a Star Trek Captain

    The customer service rep, on hearing from a customer, introduced himself as "Captain Mike of the Good Ship Netflix."

  • Customer Service Apology Is Stronger With a Personal Touch

    Every so often at the office we order lunch “to go” from First Watch, a restaurant that is open for breakfast and lunch. It serves up both delicious food and great service. But, as you know, even a great company can make mistakes, and unfortunately, twice in one week my lunch order was wrong.

  • Core Values Are the Key to Customer Service

    What are your company’s core values? If you can’t answer that, it’s worth taking some time to figure it out. One of my clients recently asked about how core values should come into play when hiring and firing, and it got me thinking about the importance of the overall concept.

  • 10 Questions To Create Dialogue With Your Customers!

    Many businesses are wasting time, money and resources on customer feedback! Why? Because they're asking the wrong questions; they're not listening to the replies or they're not taking action as a result. Andy Hanselman offers 10 questions to get conversations going and to create some 'dialogue' with your customers!

  • Customer Congruency

    Customer Congruency: When what we promise and what the customer receives are thought to be the same. Lately I’ve been blurring the line between customer service and marketing – and customer service and branding. This article continues on that track.

  • Planned Spontaneity - A Great Way To Delight Your Customers!

    Building planned spontaneity into the way you interact with your customers is a great way of creating customer delight

  • Perfection and Excellence in Customer Service

    "The pursuit of excellence is gratifying and healthy. The pursuit of perfection is frustrating, neurotic, and a terrible waste of time." -Edwin Bliss

  • Big Data, Little Data: A Customer Experience Opportunity Waiting to Happen

    According to Wikipedia, Big Data is a collection of data so large and complex it becomes difficult to process… However, many companies embrace a different concept of Big Data. While the collection of data is broad, based on a large amount of information and customer feedback, these companies are able to filter through it to understand general customer behavior and trends.

  • Offering More to Customers

    Why start a loyalty program? Why should we offer more, and how?

  • How is customer service really affecting one's perception of a brand?

    This fun and interactive infographic based on feedback of 2,000 users, which revamped its customer service approach in 2012 tells us how customers feel about customer service in general and the experience people have on a daily basis.

  • Super Surprise for a Super Fan

    This story is about a child who had to undergo a liver transplant last Christmas. The child is a huge fan of the Bugies Studios produced videogame called Halo, which had its newest release during the holidays.

  • Customer Loyalty and Retention for Business Success

    Customer loyalty and retention are critical for business success. As a small business owner, you know that without customers your business could not survive. This is true whether you’re a life coach, author, speaker, service provider, or have a brick and mortar store. Successful companies worldwide recognize the importance of getting “new” customers. However, many of them almost ignore methods that help them keep their “existing” customers.

  • Want To Show Customers You Care? Ban 'Scriptease' From Your Business!

    Too many businesses don't encourage or even allow their staff to 'engage' with their customers - the result is 'scriptease' where it's easier to follow the script than it is to actually have conversations!

  • Recovery - So you've screwed up; what now?

    A weding night disaster is turned around by a quick and smart management decision.