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  • Wake Up And Smell The Coffee – it’s about customer service just as much as the product

    Which is more important, the product or the service? Can you have one without the other? And does the importance change over time, so that customers can be moved between products based on the service delivered around it?

  • Tell, show or involve…how you can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat!

    If a manager is going to tell a member of staff off, maybe on the shop floor in front of customers isn't the ideal place to do it. Especially if one of the customers also happens to be this week's guest CSN blogger!

  • Customer experince rating

    Is there any international govering body for accrediation of Customer Experience certification or rating in the field of Service industry ?

  • Rethinking Customer Service for Now and the Future

    Customer service is a big business. It will continue to be well into the future with the customer environment becoming more dynamic, competitive and accelerated as well as driven by customer expectation and technology. The digitation of business is rapidly transforming business and customer solutions; many will be driven by the expectation of customers.

  • Public Governance

    Public governance, whose authority is the State, government or public sector, relates to the process by which a society organizes its affairs and manages itself.

  • Customer Effort

    The effort that a customers puts forth to handle their request is called Customer Effort and is measured by Customer Effort Score.

  • ‎Great Customer Service Companies

    Sharing great customer service companies' best practice.

  • Customer Service Tips

    If a regular customer came in to your facility, would you recognize them? Could you call them by name? All of us like to feel important; calling someone by name is a simple way to do it and lets them know you value them as customers.

  • Service Innovation

    "Service innovation" is a broad term that has to do with making changes in the direction, organization and even the product line of a business in order to anticipate demand and keep the company in the forefront of an industry


    Thoughts on customer service and on customer experience management...and how this paradigm is fast maturing in some of the top organisations... kindly do supplement with your thoughts and views as well.

  • Maybe with customer service, leopards can change their spots.

    Is there hope for organisations that have a terrible reputation for customer service? Can they turn themselves around and deliver service excellence?

  • Can genuine customer care ever be too caring?

    The UK approach to service is quite different to the US when it comes to speaking to customers face-to-face. Would the US approach work in the UK? Would people want it to?

  • Big Profits and Great Customer Service is No Coincidence

    When you are next asked for a business case to justify investing in your customer service, you could do worse than trying this.

  • What is Customer Experience Management?

    Customer Experience Management or CEM brings in the new dimensions of customer emotions and “experiential” products (a type of product innovation), both of which are value that customers receive from the enterprise.

  • The Mystery Shopping Concept

    Mystery shopping, also known as secret shopping, involves posing as a regular customer in order to evaluate the goods and services that a business provides. It measures the quality of customer service provided by organizations from the viewpoint and experience of a customer.

  • Customer Service Standards

    Product quality standards have developed over time, as consumers have become more demanding of manufacturers. But a tangible product is only one aspect of the supplier/customer relationship. The other aspect is service; indeed, in many businesses, there is no physical product. The only relationship is service.

  • The Characteristics of Social Media

    Social media can be defined as a phenomenon that has recently taken over the web, allowing more connectivity and interaction between web users and it encourages contributions and feedback from anyone who is a member of any virtual community.

  • Understanding Customer Satisfaction

    There is a certain journey which the customer goes through in order to get the service or the product, this experience depends on the customer’s point of view and he is the only one who can decide whether it was positive or negative. Customer satisfaction is the state of mind that customers have about a company when their expectations have been met or exceeded over the lifetime of the product or service. The achievement of customer satisfaction leads to company loyalty and product repurchase.

  • The Purpose of Common Measurement Tool

    The Common Measurements Tool (CMT) is designed to collect feedback relating to service experience across all channels of service delivery (telephone, in person, web, mail, email, and kiosk).

  • The International Standard for Service Excellence (TISSE)

    The International Standard for Service Excellence (TISSE) has been developed by The International Customer Service Institute (TICSI) with the objective of making it the global standard for quality customer service. The aim of TISSE is to enable organisations to focus their attention on the delivery of excellence in service quality while at the same time providing recognition of success through a formal third party certification scheme.