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  • Social Customer Service Equals Positive Experiences

    I recently had the privilege of working with an amazing, customer-focused operation. Hy-Vee, a Midwest grocery store chain, impressed me, as I’m sure they impress their customers, with their amazing service delivered by dedicated employees.

  • Do You Have A 'Customer Praise' Procedure?

    Lots of businesses have 'customer complaints' procedures, but too few have a 'customer praise' procedure!

  • How To Get More Customer Service Complaints!

    Most unhappy customers don't complain - they just walk away! Andy Hanselman argues that the most customer focused businesses actually get more complaints than others - crucially, they do something as a result!

  • Maybe with customer service, leopards can change their spots.

    Is there hope for organisations that have a terrible reputation for customer service? Can they turn themselves around and deliver service excellence?

  • Customer Complaint Management

    Customer complaint is a private communication between a company and a customer who communicates the dissatisfaction on a defined matter. Complaints are also considered one of the top level indicators for screening markets. Complaints offer businesses an opportunity to correct immediate problems. In addition, they frequently provide constructive ideas for improving products, adapting marketing practices, upgrading services, or modifying promotional material and product information.