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I am Adewole Taiwo from Nigeria, An Environmental Consultant

Adewole Taiwo

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Hi Adewole welcome to Home of Service.  :)
Adewole Taiwo posted on Mar 26, 2014
I am Adewole Taiwo from Nigeria, An Environmental Consultant

Mar 22, 2016 6:36 AM #3

My name is Sapna Pokhriyal working as a senior content specialist and has a decade of experience in the call center industry. I have a solid understanding of this high paced industry. Before becoming an author, I spent several years in the call center industry working in various call center processes like telemarketing and outbound sales. To know more about me or my content just visit Go4CallCenter

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My name is celin. Am working for property xRM. Property-xRM is a Microsoft Gulf Award Winning Property Management CRM Software Suite that has been implemented to several Real Estate companies across the region. 

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My name is Scott - I run a research agency which uses Customer Effort Score as a key metric to identify opportunities to improve the customer experience ... particularly in relation to complaints, which is an area companies struggle with. I have worked in research for many years, owning and managing CSAT studies, but now think Customer Effort Score is a better predictor of Customer Loyalty ... and more suited to a service improvement environment.

Is this website / forum even active anymore?

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hello everyone,

I am David Miller from San francisco,USA , Working as Digital Analyst at 31West global services which is a top  call center outsourcing company and i love to share my knowledge with the world and learn knowledge from the world as well.

Visit my Website: Call Center Outsourcing
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Hello Everyone. This is Mike working in magento website development company named Clap Creative. It is one of the best companies in LA for ecommerce website development whether its on any platform including magento, shopify, BigCommerce, WordPress