Why did we create Home of Service?

We love delivering great customer experience. We think you do too.

We've realised that there are countless resources on customer service, yet, it is still the single biggest non-recognised industry in the world. There is no formal professional qualification required in customer service, even though it deals with establishing a positive and lasting relationship with the ones who have the money - the CUSTOMERS.
It started with the idea of collating the infinite resources on customer service information on the internet to make them organised and more engaging. It was built on the foundation of learning, sharing and collaborating with other like-minded people.
The objective is to be the Knowledge, Learning and Resource platform of choice for Customer Service Professionals.

At the centre is access to expert opinion and facts, improving one’s qualifications; finding better jobs; and merging business strategies with social media activities to create a holistic customer experience.
Home of Service is about collaboration and knowledge sharing - members can join or create communities based around their area/s of interest; they can also upload CVs or get online trainings, assessments, and certifications to advance their careers.


Home of Service prides itself on being the biggest repository of customer service-related information carrying the latest news, business trends, statistics, case studies, best practices, recommended readings, blogs, and opinion articles from experts & learners around the world.


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